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Main Engine Features

  • Game account registration
  • Account recovery via email
  • Changing password from the account dashboard
  • Logging into the dashboard via username
  • Multilingual support (available in English and Russian, with the possibility to add any other language)

Payment System (Donation)

List of available payment aggregators

  • Primepayments
  • Freekassa
  • Enot
  • Stripe

Bonus System

Offer bonuses to players for donations in the form of items or coin percentages.

  • Set a minimum amount for bonus allocation (e.g., allocate a bonus if the donation amount is at least $10)
  • Specify the percentage added to the donation (e.g., if the donation amount is over $10, add 5%)
  • Grant bonus items for donations?
  • Add donation items (e.g., when purchasing 10 coins, add ['item_id' => 4037, 'item_count' => 1]; when purchasing 20 coins, add ['item_id' => 4037, 'item_count' => 10];)
  • Independently configure all item parameters

Server Statistics

Basic functionality for displaying server statistics (suitable for most rates like x1, x50, x1200, etc.)

  • PvP Top, PK Top, Clans, Alliances, Castles, Epic Bosses

  • For enthusiasts, we've prepared expanded statistics:

  • Thick-skinned (shows who has more HP on the server)
  • Wise Ones (shows who has more MP on the server)
  • Top Skills (shows who has, for example, a skill with a Life Stone, (Focus, Wild Magic) skills can be specified in the config)
  • Top Items (shows players who have an epic jewel on the server) items can be specified in the config
  • Show server heroes
  • Show server noobs

Personal Dashboard

  • Logging into the personal dashboard via username
  • Changing password from one's own username
  • Balance replenishment (coins credited to the account balance, convenient for selling coins before server opening)
  • Transfer to the game (purchased coins can be transferred into the game for one's characters)
  • Bonus retrieval (the personal dashboard has a "Claim Bonus" button that can be used in the game; the next bonus is available in 3 hours, the time can be configured; also, there's a condition: transfer the bonus into the game within 24 hours, otherwise it will disappear to prevent accumulation)
  • My Storage (stores all items purchased in the personal dashboard, easily transferable into the game)
  • Display all game characters in the dashboard
  • unstuck option to send a character to town


  • Data caching (to avoid server load and constant database querying)
  • All necessary data is outputted in the configuration for convenient settings editing
  • Project written on powerful modern Laravel 10 framework
  • Vite frontend compiler
  • Minimum requirements: PHP 8.1 and above, MySQL 8

Technical Support

  • Engine supports any l2j builds (if they are not in the list, we'll rewrite queries for your build)
  • Help with engine installation on your hosting, VPS, VDS
  • Continuous technical support

Purchase and Update Terms

  • Engine comes with all the necessary functionality described above
  • Upon purchase, it will be bound to your domain like www.l2site.com (changing domain or re-binding will cost $33)
  • Additional features, modifications, or adding your own payment system are discussed and paid separately
  • We do not refund if the product has already been purchased but not used